Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I am watching Surya TV @ 4 AM

Firstly, this post is about those of us who's mother tongue happens to be something other than Hindi or English ...and probably someone who has stayed both in and outside his home state can appreciate this.

I was seeing a Mallu channel, Kiran TV the other day...watching a wonderful comedy from the 80's one of those which have been the staple diet for Pridarshan for the last decade. With about 100 channels competing for my attention...I watched this movie ( it was Ramji Rao Speaking..the original of the movie Hera Pheri) till the very end. Then wondered what attracts me to all these movies...and how common is this attraction? Which is what I would like to discuss with you.

I have spent 6 years in Kerala..went to REC Calicut...but before I started staying in Kerala was rather uninterested in malayalam movies. Watched classics like Manichitratazhu, Poochekke Oru Mookuthi etc...but only during our visit to Kerala. It was while I stayed in kerala tht I got really into Mallu movies, even though its standards had declined sharply by then.

The real test I guess is now..when I have a TV in my house, and can choose what to watch...I get attracted to these random shows...especially the ones where there is a phone in or something. Of course there is more to your homeland than movies and channels but at least now I can hear malayalam this way.

However, I wonder how I would have felt about this if I had not stayed in Kerala at do you guys you feel a need to see these channels even when they dont offer something really interesting?

Maybe some Market Research is in Order!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inverted Pyramids: On seeing things in perspective

Having been around for quite some time, sometimes I tend to take a I have seen it all approach to life.But anyone who knows me will tell you, this is superseded by an unholy glee in things most mundane. My reactions depend on which side of the bed I got out of!

Ya Ya, before I veer completely off track, let me come to the point....

What seems to be a life and death incident at any point in time, turns out to be insignificant most of the time..or whats perhaps worse, we end up making the wrong move. When I recollect how I have missed out on going to watch MLTR live because I had to study for the third unit test of Sanskrit in 8th std, for example, I feel sad. How does it matter how I performed???? (As a matter of fact I did badly, but then I blame the teacher for setting most of the questions from those chapters I happened to skip)

It is difficult to understand what is important and what is not. And it s even more difficult to live as if all each encounter is a life threatening battle. Perhaps that is where a third person can help bring in a sense of perspective.

Hope we all find that someone...if we have not already :)