Wednesday, July 4, 2007

School Bus Journeys

While on my last trip home, I had occasion to travel in a bus during the post School hours. I had dozed off, and was nodding in peace, when suddenly I was hit by something heavy. I woke up with a jerk, only to see that the bus was being taken over by a horde of school kids.

One shy chap, quite short and thin was being shoved by the conductor and a few bigger kids, and the poor lad was falling over me. I asked him if he wanted me to hold his bag for him, and with a grateful grin he handed it over to me. As the bus toiled on, I started recollecting the various modes of transport I had taken to reach school over the years....

The earliest vahana was the cycle rickshaw which carried me to school as a UKG student. The rickshaw had a wooden plank which was the second 'seat', and we would sit on the cushioned seat and the plank in turn.. and we had various strategies, some would prefer to keep the more comfortable journey for the return trip, while others would sit comfortably while going to school, hoping they would get lucky while returning.

Then there were the series of buses, public and school, which were used over the years. Travelling on the footboard of a BTC ( Bangalore Transport Corporation) bus was fun as was perfecting the art of cajoling lifts from 2 wheelers....aah, those were the days :)

My reverie ended when the kid tapped my shoulder and collected his bag. Watching him wrestle his way to the entrance, I smiled.....

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